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Since the release of Peter Jackson's 2001 film, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, we've gotten periodic email about our condensation of Fellowship, which accuses us of condensing the movie rather than the book. The reason? In the books, Boromir dies in the second book, The Two Towers, not The Fellowship of the Ring, which is where both our condensations and Peter Jackson's films place it.

We haven't condensed the movies. Our condensations predate the films by years, and they haven't changed since they were first posted in the late 1990s. Our position is that Boromir's death is naturally a part of Fellowship's story arc, so if one were to summarize, as we have, the stories in Fellowship and Two Towers, it makes sense to include Boromir's death as the conclusion in the summary of Fellowship, even though this is not strictly true to the books. The fact that the films would eventually make the same choice may corroborate our decision, but it couldn't have influenced it.

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