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Book-A-Minute SF/F

The Dragon Token

By Melanie Rawn

Ultra-Condensed by Samuel Stoddard

Tilal, Goodguy Battle Commander and Expert Tactician
Quick. Look behind you, over there.
Valek, Ruthless Badguy Army Leader and Notorious Perceiver of Trickery
Rinhoel, Scheming Malefactor and Cruel Cutthroat Extraordinaire
Watch me sneer disdainfully. (hits Mom)
Sioned, Most Respected and Upstanding Woman In the World
(gets drunk)
Pol, Leader of the Free World, Faithful Husband and Good Man
Alas, my beloved wife Meiglan has been kidnapped for a ritual sacrifice by an army of savages. Say, Sionell you're looking pretty hot in those mourning clothes.


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