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Book-A-Minute SF/F

The Xanth Series

By Piers Anthony

Ultra-Condensed by Samuel Stoddard and David J. Parker

Teenaged Main Character
Friends, let's go on a quest and have a pun time.
Gratuitous Love Interest
Sidekick With A Body Composed of Parts From Twenty-Nine Distinct Species
Boring Old Adult
Good luck! Don't forget your honor!
(Teenaged Main Character and friends go OUT and have a QUEST. Then they COME BACK.)

Teenaged Main Character
I've had enough adventure. Gratuitous Love Interest, let's get married and have kids so they can have adventures of their own.
Piers Anthony
I rule! I rule! Thanks to Julie Spofford of Burbank, Illinois, for the "quest" idea; Frederick Treepson of Malahoopee, North Carolina, for the "friends" idea; Susie Kellerman of Gunky, Louisiana, for the "good luck" line; and Norwood G. Dimble of New Spertle, Nevada, for the fun/pun pun.


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