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It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie

Reader Review

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Posted by: Andy Jackson
Date Submitted: Thursday, April 1, 1999 at 20:07:17
Date Posted: Friday, April 2, 1999 at 10:59:58

Where Scream succeeded, IKWYDLS fails miserably.

This movie has Jennifer Love Hewitt and not much else. The plot in a nutshell is: a bunch of high school juniors run over some guy who was meandering around the middle of a highway, dump his body over a cliff, and promptly forget about it for a year. They are reminded of it because JLH keeps getting notes about "knowing about last summer" and stuff (oh, and her friends are also getting gored with a giant fishhook). There's a bunch of scenes that are supposedly tension filled but frankly just make me want to fall asleep. The final "climactic" scene takes place on a large sailboat puttering around about five feet from shore, and when the murderer gets tossed overboard, JLH assumes she safe again and the movie ends, even though the guy was in about as much danger of drowning as he was of having Jupiter and Saturn land on him while being struck by lightning.

This movie just disgusted me. All the "tension filled" oh-no-someone's-gonna-get-hooked scenes were completely ludicrous, because the murderer was *walking* after his victims at the speed of a dead slug and was wearing this goofy-looking hat and raincoat to boot. The sole scene in this movie that I enjoyed (in that slasher-movie sort of way) was when a high school kid got hooked and pulled across a counter (of course, this guy wasn't even in the car that ran over Mr. Raincoat, so the fact that he died didn't even make sense).

2 turkeys. Not much to laugh at, but at least it had continuity between the scenes.

Scene to watch for: Jaw-hooking.

Best line: Any of the screams.

Things that make you go "Huh?": The raincoat/hat fashion statement.

Response From RinkWorks:

My own review of this movie was *just* posted. I'm glad someone else picked up on the fact that there was no reason for the killer to kill Max.

You list Jennifer Love Hewitt as the main attraction of this movie, but I have to say I don't think she's any great shakes as an actress and, at least in this movie, she's not even much to look at. That whole stringy-hair, goofy-smile look didn't do anything for me.

-- Dave.

Yep, it's curious how this worked out. Dave had watched "I Know..." just before this particular reader review -- or the "I Still Know..." one from two days ago -- were even submitted to us. I posted Dave's review earlier this morning, but this reader review was *submitted* before Dave's review came out. On top of that, you both gave it the same turkey rating before either of you knew of the other. So it was a pretty interesting coincidence all around.

-- Sam.

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