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Demon Wind

Posted by: Forest Taylor
Date Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2003 at 16:20:18
Date Posted: Thursday, September 2, 2004 at 10:57:07

I saw this movie at nearly ever video rental store I went to with my parents when I was younger. I always wanted to rent it because the cover looked so cool. It was a holographic picture of a monster smashing through a window. Now that I have finally seen it, all I can say was that the cover was the most interesting thing about the movie.

The film begins in some destroyed house with a woman running away from ...we can only guess what. She eventually runs into some guy, and she figures she is saved. But -- SURPRISE! -- the guy is spitting out white foam, and it looks like his face is peeling off. The woman stands there for about ten minutes until a big hand bursts out of the guy's chest and kills her.

We skip to some lonely road in the middle of nowhere. Our hero (some random teenager) has apparently had some dream that took place in a place like this, so he feels compelled to go there. But does he go alone? No, he decides to bring about a dozen of his friends with him who show up at random intervals. It begins with our hero, his girlfriend, some jock guy and his girlfriend, and some nerdy guy and his girlfriend. Eventually they meet up with two other guys who are apparently kung-fu experts (one of them looks a lot like Kevin Bacon). Anyway, the Kevin Bacon guy kicks a can at jock guy's face. So they all go into town and meet random people, including a priest who utters random prophecies of doom.

Then they all go to the place our hero dreamed about. It is a destroyed building with skeletons all over the place. The second they get there, the nerdy guy's girlfriend sees some scary people who say scary things, and then she turns into a doll and explodes.

Everyone looks sad for about two seconds, then they all forget she ever existed and go into the house to investigate. They all sit around doing nothing for a while until they decide to leave. As they begin to go, they run into the Demon Wind, which is actually more of a Demon Fog, which envelops them and takes them back to the house. It is soon decided that they have to spend the night there.

That night, the two kung-fu guys see some naked woman who entices them to come outside. They go out to meet this naked woman but -- SURPRISE! -- she is now a demon! Then about fifty demons show up out of nowhere and attack them. There is a ridiculous kung-fu sequence until both Kevin Bacon and his friend are outnumbered and killed. Then the demons attack everyone in the house. Nerdy guy gets scared and runs deeper into the house; everyone else runs to some barn next to the house where they encounter...two more of their friends who just show up out of nowhere. These two characters have no purpose in this movie as they are both killed in the same scene as they are introduced.

This is the point where the movie makes the transition from ridiculous to incoherent. Nerdy guy sees a vision of his dead girlfriend, who begs him to save her, but then she dies again, and the nerdy guy is turned into a demon. Nerdy demon tries to kill our hero's girlfriend, but she kills him, and he turns into a baby, then into a bird, who flies off and explodes.

So, then our hero and his girlfriend look out the window and see the priest from back in the town. He is holding on to the Nerdy guy's supposedly dead girlfriend, but then he turns into this giant super-demon and bites her head off, killing her for the third time.

This is the point when it seems the filmmakers couldn't think of any way to end the movie. The big super-demon says some inaudible things and then attacks, but our hero suddenly, and for no reason whatsoever, transforms into an extra from Alien Nation and attacks the super-demon. This proves to be as useless as it is unbelievably ridiculous, because the super-demon defeats him with little effort, and our hero turns back to normal.

Our hero then sees his father slitting his wrists for no reason, and he suddenly wakes up and all his friends are still alive. That's right, it was all just a bad dream. But -- SURPRISE! -- it wasn't a dream after all, and all his friends turn into demons and attack him.

I had some trouble following the movie by this point, because I was doubled over with laughter, but I think the finale had something to do with this book that I never heard them mention earlier in the movie. It ends with our hero using the book to make all the demons explode, and then he and his girlfriend drive off into the sunset without any second thought about all their friends who got killed.

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