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Any Movie With the Word 'Bikini' In the Title

Posted by: Faux Pas
Date Submitted: Monday, March 22, 1999 at 13:13:42
Date Posted: Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 14:02:17

Yeah, right, like this one will actually get posted on the IABBBBM site, but here goes anyway.

Three to five women who can't act but were hired for the role because of other "talents," aged 18 to mid-twenties, inherit the something in the title that follows the word "bikini." For instance, if the title of the movie is Bikini Drive-In, they've inherited a drive-in theater; Bikini Car Wash, it's a car wash; Bikini Abattoir, the gals now own a slaughterhouse. The gals change clothes and move to the city/town/castle where the soon-to-be-bikinied place is. There, they change clothes and discover that the Bikini Petting Zoo has raked up several debts and the bad guy real-estate developer will be buying the place in just a week unless the gals come up with $25,000 to save the Bikini Diner. The ladies change clothes while trying to find out how to save the Bikini Driving School, when one of them comes up with an idea: Why not dance around in bikinis at work? That way, they'll be sure to get lots of customers at the Bikini Bagel Shop. They change clothes and start putting thier plan in motion. However, the bad guys get wind of the going-ons at the Bikini Sunglasses Hut and send some bungling oafs to stir up trouble. Meanwhile, the son of the evil real estate guy and the woman who inherited the Bikini Museum of Modern Art fall in love, and he joins forces with the girls. The women change into two-piece swimwear and prance around at the Bikini Thirty Minute Oil Change and Lube, and sure enough, about a dozen male customers show up, causing parts of the swimwear to accidentally fall off. Within minutes, the ladies raise the $25,000, but the evil real-estate developer comes along and says it's too late -- the Bikini Hot Dog Stand is his. Using teamwork, the Bikini-clad women give the developer his comeuppance, usually involving pushing said developer into a pool.

Scene to watch for: The bumbling thugs have an amusing argument and wind up in an embarrassing situation.

Best line: "I know how we can raise the money."

Things that make you go "Huh?": Why did a dozen men decide to bring over two thousand dollars in cash to a florist?

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