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Sometimes a spontaneous idea takes hold and consumes the chat room for the next few hours. This was four hours, from start to finish. We started by mashing song titles together in humorous combinations and then progressed to movie titles.

The title tangle madness continues in this All Movie Talk post.

Sam: SONG TITLE MASH-UPS: Walking On Sunshine On My Shoulders, by Katrina and the Waves (feat. John Denver)
LaZorra: I would TOTALLY listen to that.
Randy: LOL LOL
Sam: River Deep, Mountain Higher Ground, by Celion Dion and Stevie Wonder.
Sam: For Your Eyes Only Wanna Be With You, by Sheena Easton, Hootie, and the Blowfish.
* Sam makes a comical use of the Oxford comma.
LaZorra: I should HOPE my eyes want to be with me. :-.
LaZorra: Also, Sam's /me is precisely why I love this place.
Randy: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell by Led Zep and AC/DC
Sam: Our Lips Are Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Stevie Wonder and the Go-Gos!
Sam: Oops, I Did It Against All Odds: Phil Collins (feat. Britney Spears)
Randy: LOL
Randy: This Land is Your Land of the Misfit Toys, by Arlo Guthrie and those toys in that movie.
Sam: Have Fun Go Mad World, by Blair and Tears For Fears.
Sam: (Randy: LOL)
Sam: Hold On To Your Dream Weaver (Stevie Wonder and Gray Wright)
Sam: hahaha: Have a Heart of Glass (Bonnie Raitt and Blondie)
Sam: I don't think I can top that one.
LaZorra: LOL
Randy: Bette Davis Eyes of the Tiger, by Surviror and Kim Carnes.
Sam: LOL
LaZorra: LOL!
LaZorra: I wonder if the tiger's legs are insured.
Randy: LOL
wintermute: Eye of the Tiger Feet / Survivor and Mud?
Sam: Black Or Whiter Shade of Pale (Michael Jackson and Procol Harum)
wintermute: LOL
Randy: Nice!
wintermute: My Favourite Wild Things by Rogers and Hammerstein and the Troggs.
Sam: Time After Time After Time After Time After Time (The Four Cyndi Laupers)
LaZorra: LOL LOL
Sam: Three Times a Lady In Red Red Wine (Lionel Richie, Chris de Burgh, and UB40)
LaZorra: Get Him Back in the Saddle Again -- Fiona Apple and Gene Autry
Sam: LaZ: haha. That sounds like it could be a real song.
LaZorra: LOL
wintermute: Shiny Happy Common People by REM and Blur.
Sam: A Whole New World Is Not Enough
wintermute: To The Whole of the Moon - Ussher and the Waterboys.
LaZorra: The Circle of Life is a Highway
Sam: LaZ: That one's great.
wintermute: Even a Dog Can Shake Hands Across the Water - Warren Zevon & Paul McCartney.
Sam: wim: hahaha
wintermute: Life is a Highway to Hell?
Nyperold: Arabian Nights in White Satin by Bruce Adler and The Moody Blues.
Sam: Don't Look Back In Time (Huey Lewis and Huey Lewis)
Randy: We Won't Get Lovefooled Again--The Who and The Cardigans.
Sam: Old Time Rock and Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (Bob Seger and the Foggy Mountain Boys!)
LaZorra: Now THAT is a pairing.
Sam: Playing With the Boys of Summer (Kenny Loggins and Don Henley)
wintermute: You Shook me all Night Long as You Love Me - AC/DC and the Backstreet Boys.
LaZorra: LOL
Sam: wim: hahahah
Sam: Please Don't Go West, Young Man (Michael W. Smith and the Sunshine Band)
wintermute: Fat Bottomed Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
LaZorra: LOL!
Sam: wim is on a roll.
wintermute: I Don't Like Manic Mondays - The Boomtown Rats and The Bangles.
Nyperold: The Devil Went Down to Georgia on My Mind by Hoagy Carmichael and the Charlie Daniels Band
LaZorra: Don't Fence Me In the Garden -- Gene Autry and whoever wrote that hymn
LaZorra: The Impossible Dreamland Express -- Robert Goulet and John Denver
Randy: The Boys and Me and My Shadow -Sawyer Brown and Frank Sinatra
Sam: Workin' For a Livin' On a Prayer (Bon Jovi and the News)
LaZorra: Perhaps Love is a Many Splendored Thing -- John Denver and Placido Domingo and Nat King Cole
Sam: Don't Worry Be Happy Together (Bobby McFerrin and the Turtles)
wintermute: God's Gonna Cut you Down, Down, Deeper and Down (Trad and Status Quo)
LaZorra: Man! I Feel Like a Woman's Love -- Shania Twain and Alan Jackson
Leen: LOL
Sam: hahaha
LaZorra: Cowboy Take Me Away in a Manger -- Dixie Chicks and any church choir
Sam: LOL
LaZorra: haha
Sam: Suddenly I Can See Clearly Now (KT Tunstall and Jimmy Cliff)
Randy: Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown Medicine -- Bon Jovi with Jim Croce
Sam: I Just Called To Say I Love Rock and Roll (Stevie Wonder and Joan Jett)
LaZorra: LOL
* ThePhan is now going to call someone just to say that.
wintermute: God Save the Dancing Queen / Sex Pistols and Abba.
Randy: Superstitious Voodoo Child -- Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix
Sam: Say Say Say My Name (Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, feat. Destiny's Child)
Randy: Music of the Night Moves -- Phantom of the Opera and Bob Seger
LaZorra: Under the Sea of Heartbreak -- Ariel and Jimmy Buffett
Sam: I've Got a Woman In Chains (Ray Charles and Tears For Fears)
Leen: o.0
Sam: [Alternately, Redneck Woman In Chains (Gretchen Wilson and Tears For Fears)]
TalkingDog: What's This is Halloween by Danny Elfman and Danny Elfman?
Randy: House of the Bad Moon Rising Sun-- The Animals and CCR
LaZorra: Rocky Mountain High Noon -- John Denver and Tex Ritter
Nyperold: It Had to Be You Light Up My Life by Priscilla Lane and Kasey Cisyk
Sam: The Candy Mandy (Sammy Davis Jr. and Barry Manilow)
[RinkChat] User Sam has been labeled 'Candy Mandy' by Sam.
wintermute: Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue.
LaZorra: The Very Thought of Your Love Is a Song -- Nat King Cole and Switchfoot
Sam: LaZ: hahaha
Randy: LOL LOL
wintermute: The Final Countdown to Extinction - Europe and Megadeath.
LaZorra: Stella by Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima -- Ames Brothers and Sons of the Pioneers
wintermute: Money for Nothing is Easy - Dire Straits and Jethro Tull.
LaZorra: Don't Shut Me Out On My Own -- Keith Urban and Keith Urban
Randy: Twist and Shout It Out Loud -- The Beatles and KISS
LaZorra: LOL
Nyperold: I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face in the Hall by Rex Harrison and The Naked Brothers Band
Sam: Only Love Knows Why Can't We Be Friends (Peter Cetera and War)
wintermute: In a Broken Dream of a New Day - Python Lee Jackson and Richie Kotzen.
Randy: NICE
Randy: I Wanna Rock of Ages -- Twisted Sister and Def Leppard.
Sam: It Hit Me Like a Hammer Time (M.C. Hammer and the News)
wintermute: We Are the Lost In France - Anti-Flag and Bonnie Tyler.
wintermute: Broken Down Angel of the Morning - Nazareth and The Pretenders.
Sam: YMCA Whole New World?
Randy: Enter Mr. Sandman-- Metallica and The Chordettes
Sam: You're Gonna Lose That Surfer Girl (Beatles and Beach Boys)
wintermute: Every Day Should Be a Holiday in Cambodia - The Dandy Warhols and The Dead Kennedys.
Sam: Let's Hear It For the Boy Named Sue (Deniece Williams and Johnny Cash)
LaZorra: LOL
Sam: I Want You Back Home Again (John Denver and the Jackson 5!)
wintermute: Judgment Day After Day - Whitesnake and Badfinger.
LaZorra: Take Me Home On the Electric Range -- John Denver and Floyd Domino
Sam: Spinning Around Sue (Kylie Minogue and Dion)
Randy: Candy Girl From Ipanema -- New Edition and countless terrible jazz bands
Nyperold: Ultra Relax, Take It Easy by Tomoe Shinohara and Mika
wintermute: The Time of Your Life'll Kill Ya - Green Day and Warren Zevon.
Sam: In the Still of the Midnight Train To Georgia (Gladys Knight and the Five Satins)
Nyperold: Raspberry Heaven In the Real World by Steven Curtis Chapman, Oranges, & Lemons
wintermute: Sex 'n Drugs 'n Rock 'n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - Ian Dury and AC/DC.
Randy: All You Need Is Love In an Elevator-- Beatles and Aerosmith
Sam: Randy: LOL
LaZorra: Randy: LOL!
Sam: Every Breath, You Take My Breath Away (Police and Berlin)
Nyperold: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Me to the Moon River
Sam: Come Sail Away In a Manger
Sam: (or: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away In a Manger)
Sam: Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Undone (Patsy Cline and Duran Duran)
wintermute: Life is a Lemon, and I Want My Money Back In Black - Meat Loaf and AC/DC.
wintermute: I Just Wanna Go Hunting Humans - Ted Nugent and The Misfits.
niekie: LOL
Sam: wim: LOL
LaZorra: Fools Rush In a Monastery Garden -- Ames Brothers and some philharmonic orchestra
wintermute: Windmills of My Mindfields - Soundtracks to The Thomas Crown Affair and The Matrix.
LaZorra: That sounds like an AWESOME mix.
Sam: This could work with movies, too. Seven Brides For Seven Samurai
Sam: Good Night and Good Burger......which would have been a WAY better catch phrase for Murrow.
Sam: The Scorpion King Kong
wintermute: The Madness of King George of the Jungle.
wintermute: Or, The Madness of Curious George.
wintermute: Take the Money and Run, Lola, Run.
LaZorra: Randy just texted me and said he wants to start a band called "Creeping Death of a Salesman."
Sam: wim: LOL
Sam: Randy: LOL
Sam: Romeo & Julie & Julia
Sam: Working Girl, Interrupted
wintermute: LOL, Sam.
wintermute: The Empire Strikes Back To The Future.
Sam: Cool Running Man
Sam: (alternatively, Silent Running Man)
wintermute: The Unbearable Lightness of Being John Malkovich.
Sam: wim: hahaha
Sam: A Bug's Life Stinks!
wintermute: The Meaning of the Life of Brian
Sam: LOL
Sam: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Trade Center
Sam: Office Spaceballs
wintermute: The Breakfast Club at Tiffany's.
Sam: 42nd Streetcar Named Desire
wintermute: It's a Wonderful Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
wintermute: My Fair Lady and the Tramp.
Sam: Girl With a Pearl Harbor
wintermute: LOL.
wintermute: The Grapes of Wrath of Khan.
Sam: While You Were Sleeping With the Enemy
Sam: Armed and Dangerous Liaisons
wintermute: Black Hawk Down With Love.
Sam: Never Say Never Been Kissed
wintermute: Punch-Drunk Love In the Time of Cholera.
wintermute: Superman IV: The Quest for Fire.
Sam: LOL
wintermute: Rollerballs of Fury.
LaZorra: Rollerballs of Fury sounds like an AMAZING movie.
wintermute: Reservoir Cats and Dogs.
Sam: wim: Were you around when TalkingDog challenged me to make a Top 6 list that wrapped around like that?
wintermute: Sam: Uh, yeah. Now that you mention it. I don't remember much, though.
Sam: He started me off with the word "one", and I came up with: One Two Three Men and a Little Lady For a Night of the Living Dead Men Tell No One.
wintermute: My Big Fat Greek Wedding Singer.
LaZorra: LOL LOL
Nyperold: Blow Up In the Air Bud
Nyperold: Bring It On the Waterfront
Sam: Never Talk To Strangers On a Train
Sam: The Neverending Story of G.I. Joe
Sam: I, Robot Monster
Sam: Creature From the Blue Lagoon
Sam: Heath Ledger double feature: The Dark Knight's Tale
wintermute: An American Tale of Two Cities.
Nyperold: Modern Times At Ridgemont High
Sam: A Time To Kill Bill
goldfishy: Fievel Goes West Side Story
Sam: LOL
wintermute: LOL
wintermute: A Bug's Life of Bees.
wintermute: The Lake House on Haunted Hill.
Nyperold: Monster House on Haunted Hill!
wintermute: Little Miss Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Sam: Little Miss Eternal Sunshine of the Dangerous Minds
Sam: hahaha. Jason X-Men
Nyperold: Groundhog Day of the Triffids
Sam: LOL!
wintermute: LOL!
Sam: This February 2nd, the Triffids Will Attack Again....AND AGAIN...AND AGAIN...AND AGAIN
Sam: Two Mules For Sister Saraband
Nyperold: City of Lost Children of Men
goldfishy: The Sound of Music and Lyrics
Sam: Clint Eastwood double feature: Hang 'Em High Plains Drifter
wintermute: The Trouble with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
goldfishy: wim you've been in the US too long - you used the wrong title ;-p
Sam: I was thinking that, too.
Nyperold: Curly Top Gun
Sam: No Country For Grumpy Old Men
Sam: There Will Be Blood For Dracula
wintermute: The Basketball Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
wintermute: The Beastmaster and Commander.
wintermute: Capricorn One Two Three.
wintermute: The Demolition Man Who Knew Too Much.
goldfishy: Wallace and Gromit and a Matter of Loaf and Death on the Nile
wintermute: Forbidden Planet of the Apes.
Sam: Three Men and a Baby Boom
wintermute: The Invisible Manchurian Candidate.
wintermute: The Invisible Man Who Wasn't There.
wintermute: Sin City of Angels with Dirty Wings.
wintermute: Withnail and Who Am I?
wintermute: Remember the Clash of the Titans.
wintermute: Rumble in King Kong.
wintermute: From Russia with Love, Actually.
Sam: LOL
Sam: South Pacific Heights
Sam: One Fine Day of the Dead
Sam: Lock, Stock, and Two Smokin' Aces
Sam: The Little Mississippi Mermaid
Sam: hahaha: Darby O'Gill and the Little People vs. Larry Flynt
Sam: The Man Who Knew Too Much Ado About Nothing
wintermute: Any Given Sunday Bloody Sunday.
Sam: Mrs. Doubtfirewall
Sam: LOL. I just started trying to connect High Noon and Shanghai Noon, and then realized, duh, that title is already a riff on the other one.
Sam: The Quiet American Beauty
TalkingDog: Beauty and the Beastmaster?
Sam: The Crawling Hand That Rocks the Cradle
goldfishy: The Boat That Rocks the Cradle?
Sam: The Twilight Saga: New Moonraker
wintermute: M. Hulot's Roman Holiday.
goldfishy: Cloudy With a Chance of Mean Girls
Maryam: LOL
Sam: LOL
wintermute: Training Day of the Jackal.
Sam: wim: A prequel!
Sam: Once Upon a Time in Chinatown
wintermute: Shaun of the Dead Poet's Society
goldfishy: Dragonheartbreakers
TalkingDog: Poor dragons!
wintermute: Hot Tub Time Bandits.
goldfishy: Land Before Time Bandits
wintermute: I Crazy Heart Huckabees.
wintermute: Indiana Jones and the Last Starfighter.
wintermute: The Lady In the Waterhorse.
goldfishy: The Rocket Postman Always Rings Twice
wintermute: Eight and a Half Loaves of Kung Fu.
Sam: Indiana Jones and the Shaolin Temple of Doom
LaZorra: LOL LOL
LaZorra: You guy are so amazing.
LaZorra: You have totally salvaged my day.
wintermute: The Father of the Corpse Bride.
wintermute: Wag the Dog Day Afternoon.
wintermute: A Bridge to Terabithia Too Far.
wintermute: Vanilla Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Never Dies.
Maryam: Pretty Woman In Pink.
goldfishy: Top Guns of Navarone
goldfishy: Rocky Horror Picture Showgirls
goldfishy: That would be a scary film
wintermute: The Man In the Iron Man.
Maryam: LOL
wintermute: The Man Who Broke the Count of Monte Cristo.
goldfishy: Freaky Friday the 13th
wintermute: The Big Sleepy Hollow.
wintermute: Harry Potter and the Man on Fire.
wintermute: Miami Vice Versa.
wintermute: Sudden Death To Poochie.
TalkingDog: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor of the Seven Seas.
wintermute: Fever Pitch Black.
Sam: Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin Hood
LaZorra: Dude, a Winnie-the-Pooh/Robin Hood film would ROCK.
wintermute: LOL!
LaZorra: And by ROCK, I mean, might be somewhat amusing.
Sam: City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Golden Eye
Sam: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Dark Crystal Skull
Sam: Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Nude Bomb
LaZorra: o.o
Sam: ("The Nude Bomb" was the name of the Get Smart movie.)
Randy has entered.
Randy: Aaaagahhhh! Oooh?
LaZorra: LOL LOL
* LaZorra approves of Randy's response.
Sam: A Beautiful Minded Professor
Sam: Die Hard With a Vengeance of Fu Manchu
Randy: How long has this been going on?
ThePhan: Randy: Many, many, many hours.
Sam: Live Free Or Die Hard Boiled
Sam: Down and Out In Beverly Hills Cop
wintermute: The 400 Blow Ups
* ThePhan wants to see movie posters for all of these.
Sam: TP: This would be a great photoshop contest.
Sam: The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
Sam: No no no.
Sam: I Was a Male War Bride of Frankenstein
TalkingDog: The Princess Bride of Young Frankenstein?
* LaZorra dies laughing.
wintermute: Three Ninjas IV: High Noon At Brokeback Mountain.
Randy: Romeo and Juliet and Bob and Carol
wintermute: The Frog Princess Diaries.
Sam: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan: Lord of the Rings
Sam: No, more colons: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
ThePhan: LOL
ThePhan: Besiege that dungeon, Lord King Tarzan Greystoke!
Randy: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale: Part II: Electric Boogaloo
LaZorra: Randy: LOL LOL
wintermute: Transformers II: Revenge of the Sith.
wintermute: Where the Wild Things Are Marshall.
wintermute: 500 Days of Summer of Sam.
Sam: An American Werewolf In Paris When It Sizzles
wintermute: Snakes On Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
Sam: LOL!
LaZorra: wm: You almost made me snort cottage cheese out my nose.
Nyperold: Song of the Thin Man of La Mancha
Sam: Nyp: LOL
wintermute: Baby Face/Off.
Randy: I Remember Mamma Mia
wintermute: Throw Mamma Mia from the Train?
Nyperold: Touch of Evil Dead
Randy: LOL
Randy: Batman of LaMancha
Nyperold: The Blue Angels in the Outfield
wintermute: Ballistic: X-Men Vs Sever.
wintermute: The Hunt For Red Sonja.
Randy: Three Men and a Little Lady and the Tramp
Nyperold: Free Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Sam: A Few Good Men In Their Flying Machines
Sam: The Englishman Who Went Up a Silent Hill and Came Down a Cold Mountain

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