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Enchanted Forest II had been out for three days when this all occurred. I received a lot of helpful ideas from many for the next few RinkWorks games, for which I am grateful.

Note that "EF" stands for Enchanted Forest and "FQ" stands for Fantasy Quest, which is a game on the Adventure Games Live feature.

Stephen: Where's Sam today?
Stephen: Sam, show up. I wanted to praise you for FQ2 :)
Stephen: Somebody show up. Even Dave
Ghost of Sam: FQ2?
Stephen: Errr... EF2
Stephen: Darn time travel
Ghost of Sam: You can praise me for FQ2 early. I like advance praise.
Ghost of Sam: When do I finish it?
Stephen: Summer of 2002.
Stephen: It's pretty darn good
Stephen: My favorite part was when you came to the gate and you had to use the key 16 times before it opened the gate :)
Ghost of Sam: Well I *told* you the lock was rusty. And I figured it was ok, since after the 11th time, I said, 'Something clicked inside, but it still won't give way.' That way it encourages you to keep trying.
Stephen: Yeah, I was gonna give up on the 12th time... but then I saw the clue and kept going!
Stephen: Also, I liked the "Pitch Black Cavern" where you just wandered around randomly in the dark. That was pretty fun. I must've spent 20 hours on that part alone
Ghost of Sam: Yes, the Pitch Black Cavern is cool, but it was a bear to write. It consists of 129 individual locations, all interlocked together. What a boring stretch of coding that was.
Ghost of Sam: That's the reason I stalled on the project in Fall 2001 for a few months before picking it back up again, in fact.
Stephen: Ahhh, makes sense. And then of course the last boss ruled. I can't believe I had to have the small coin from the first location in the game? I had to start all the way back from the beginning...
Ghost of Sam: Huh? No, I don't write games like that. All you had to do was mix the green potion with the maple syrup, pour it on the boss' snout, and pinch it. Then you get magically teleported to the coin.
Stephen: Oh man!! Jeez. 60 hours wasted for nothing, I guess.
Dave: Does the pool of giving ever give you anything but 1500 gold and 8 teleporters?
Kaz: I came out with fifteen hundred gold and three bombs, or something.
Sam: Dave: 1500 gold pieces, and one of: (1) 8 teleporters, (2) 3 magic saws, (3) 3 bombs.
Dave: Ah.
Kaz: At least I've never gotten something like 8 treasure eaters and a revived leviathan out of it.
Sam: Hey, great idea. "You found the square of leviathan revival!!"
* Washu cowers.
gremlinn: That would be beneficial if you could get the bonus over again.
JOY: "You found the square of pain, death, and humiliation!"
Kaz: Leviathan square, fine. But only if you're on level five, and whatever you do, do not make an instant death square.
Sam: Yeah!!! "You found the square of death! You die!"
* Sam ought to make a "Square of Instant Death" that is NOT unique -- there should be ten or fifteen scattered throughout the forest. Also "Death Nuggets" under trees.
* Kaz thinks he shouldn't have said that.
Dave: LOL! Death Nuggets!
Balanthalus: Like what Chicken McNuggets would be if McDonalds were evil.
* eric nuggets Liface to death
* Sam will compensate for the "Squares of Instant Death" by having a "Square of 10000000000000000 Points."
Sam: Actually, how about this? "You found a bag of hell!"
Sam: "You found a BAG OF HELL. What do you want to do? [Eat it.] [Leave.]" - (Eat it.) - "You eat the BAG OF HELL. You lose 420 hit points!"
gremlinn: "You are killed to death!"
Dave: No, it should be "You eat the BAG OF HELL. You lose 420 hit points DOCTOR ROCKET SURGEON!
Sam: Oh, that's it! "You found a doctor rocket surgeon guarding a bag of hell."
Sam: Or how about this? "You found a beefhead guarding a cup of death!" - (Run.) - "You failed to escape. Now you must fight!" - Fight. - "You killed the beefhead! You found a cup of death worth death! You die!"
Kaz: Here's an idea. At the beginning, you select if you're male or female. If you're female, you get chased by Dave instead of a leviathan. Also, there should be noodly gloop squares, which either give you HP or make you lose HP randomly.
Sam: LOL
Dave: :-P
Nyperold: But you also have to enter an age.
Nyperold: if ((sex == f) && (age >= 18)) { chaser = Dave; }
eric: hey! there needs to be a RINKWORKS game!
eric: where you can be ahcked, daved, and chased by an evil CHAT BUG
Kaz: All of the RinkyDinks who know how to program can get together over the summer and make one....we can have a credits screen that plays "skidama rinky dinky-dink" in the background!
Nyperold: "Hey! There's corn in here! You get 200 pts.!"
Nyperold: "You can't stop eating frozen lima beans. You lose 20 HP."
gremlinn: "You open the chest. The chest contained 3 of Nyperold's puns! You lose 300 hits!"
Sam: Hahahahahahah. That's it. "You found Nyperold guarding a pun."
* gremlinn is kidding. Most of Nyp's puns are good.
Balanthalus: Even good puns are bad
Sam: "Enchanted Noodly Glop" -- A game in which you wander around a bowl of noodly glop. "You found a lima bean! You lose 20 HP." / "You found corn! (I didn't know there was corn in here!)" / "You get stuck in a wad of cheese! Lose a turn!"
Kaz: Wait. What does lose a turn do?
Sam: In a one person game? Beats me.
* Kaz wonders if there is a version of solitaire where you can lose a turn.
Nyperold: "A camera flashes you in the eye! You lose depth perception! What do you want to do? ( ) Live with it until you regain it. ( ) Move your head in circles, like an owl."
Kaz: Molebot whacks you on the head with a bathtub. Score! You lose 86 HP. You sell bits of the bathtub for 24 gold.
Nyperold: "You come upon a man talking to himself. What do you want to do? ( ) Leave. ( ) Leave."
Kaz: "You find an old hag! What do you want to do? ( ) Buy HP ( ) Don't buy HP." (You buy HP). "You buy 200 HP for 1500 gold. The hag ripped you off! The HP is cursed! You lose 100 HP and 1000 gold!"
Kaz: "The old hag hands you a bag of HP that you paid 3000 gold for. It is incompatible with your operating system."
Nyperold: "You find a Jaffa. You gain 10000 HP!"
Sam: "You find RinkWorks. Gain 10000000 of everything."
Kaz: "You find Bill Gates. You lose ALL GOLD!"
Sam: "You find a patch of recently disturbed earth. What do you want to do?" - (Dig.) - "You found a turkey worth 50 gold!"
gremlinn: "The earth was petrified! You broke a shovel!"
Nyperold: "The earth was magically petrified! You broke a magic shovel!"
Washu: A shovel? Shouldn't you be using an axe for that?
Washu: The square of moderately embarrassing typos...
Nyperold: Maybe, in the next EF expansion, if your EF nickname is "Dave", the Pixie is Grace. :)
Buffman_32: Hey sam I have a question why don't you use Java for you chat room?
Nyperold: Because some people don't have Java.
ShadowClerk: And because some firewalls block Java.
Buffman_32: yeah but Java is so much quicker
Buffman_32: of course CGI has advantages as well
Stephen: The only reason I'd support a java chat is if it was a front end to an IRC room
Stephen: But then again, I rather like this chat now
Stephen: I'm not so sure I *would* support IRC any longer :P
Sam: I could write a java chat client for RinkChat but leave the CGI one up, so that you can use either one. But I'm not terribly motivated to do that. I'd rather write a new RW feature or something.
Sam: ...which is what I'm doing at the moment.
Sam: 12282 lines of code!
Stephen: What are you working on? :)
Sam: FQ2. I gotta make that Summer 2002 deadline.
Stephen: Sweet, sweet. Just hope you don't hit the Caverns of Darkness soon...
Sam: How many times should you have to search through the leaves in the forest before you find the Crown of Destiny? Will 32 times be challenging enough, or should it be higher?
ShadowClerk: That's a joke, right?
Nyperold: 32 times will be plenty challenging, I think.
Stephen: I'd say 32 would be good, since it's supposed to be a fairly easy puzzle
Nyperold: Most people will give up long before then.
Nyperold: Unless you're listening in here. :)
Sam: That's ok. I don't mind weeding out the pansy gamers. Only hard core gaming people should be able to win.
Stephen: I think a good trick would be that if you search 33 times, you uncover a trap door and fall back to the beginning and lose the crown. That way you have go do it again
Stephen: That'll teach the player not to look for secrets
Sam: Yeah!!!!
Sam: But to win, you HAVE to search 33 times and start over three times in a row. Then you go back and search 33 times again, and then you get the Key of Unlocking Stuff.
* Nyperold thinks even hardcore gamers would be upset by that.
JOY: but it only unlocks a trap door that leads to the very beginning, and you have to go through the whole process of going through the leaves 3 times of 33 times each and getting the key and unlocking the trap door, 3 times.
Sam: Sounds good to me.
JOY: then lady chases you out of the forest and you decide to completely forget about whatever quest you're on, and instead go to dave's house for noodly glop
Sam: That's hard, though. I should institute difficulty levels. This can be for the "hard" difficulty setting. On "easy," you just get a menu option that says "win game."
ShadowClerk: Won't telling us how to win the game make it easier?
JOY: huh?
Sam: No. Because I haven't told you WHERE in the forest you have to search! The forest consists of 293 separate locations, and they ALL have "search through the leaves" options. Only one of them works.
ShadowClerk: Oh boy. Won't this be fun.
JOY: very.

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