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The Apogee FAQ

[8] Credits

In no particular order, thanks to:

  - To Scott Symes <> for forwarding information about
    the relationship between Apogee and id.
  - To Dan Cerman <> for writing said information.
  - To Mike Vasconcellos <> for Apogee game lists.
  - To Audry A. DeLisle <> for information regarding MS-DOS 6.22's
    DriveSpace program, Apogee's recommended system configuration for it,
    Apogee games lists, and combination deal offers.
  - To Bill Amon <> for Keen cheats.
  - To Rylan Hilman <> for more Keen cheats and Rise of
    the Triad cheats.
  - To Derek Greentree <> for Rise of the Triad information.
  - To Stanley Stasiak <> for Wolfenstein 3D info.
  - To Adam Williamson <> for Wolfenstein 3D and Terminal
    Velocity information.
  - To Diane Winters <> for several cheats.
  - To Robert Wade <> for the Raptor birthday mode dates.
  - To Warren Buss <> for Wolf3D and Blake Stone
  - To Benjamin William Andrews <> for passing along
    the ROTT cheats.
  - To Vincenzo Alcamo <> for compiling a ROTT cheat
  - To <> for the Wacky Wheels hex editing instructions.
  - To Robert Mueller <> for miscellaneous cheat codes.
  - To Spencer Candland <> for Cosmo cheats.
  - To Kelly Youngblood <> for the Keen language.
  - To <> for keeping sharp eyes on FTP sites.
  - To Michael T. Oda <> for cheat corrections.
  - To Eric Baker <> for ROTT screen shots
    information and an abundance of tidbits.
  - To Stanley Adams <> for Keen secrets.
  - To <> for undocumented Wacky Wheels and Raptor cheats.
  - To Charlie Grasmick <> for correcting typos.
  - To Bryce C Liu <> for observations about Wacky Wheels.
  - To Deepak Khurana <> for numerous suggestions
    and information.
  - To Nigel Dight <> for Spear of Destiny cheats and
  - To Andrew Leonard <> for Wolfenstein information.
  - To Dean A. Thompson <> for various suggestions.
  - To Mitch Burton <> for Terminal Velocity cheats.
  - To Cary Liao <> for Terminal Velocity secrets.
  - To Brian <> for information on "Strife."
  - To Trace <> for the Wacky Wheels loophole.
  - To Jonah Bishop <c/o> for helpful suggestions.
  - To John Bush <> for info on "The Rings of ZON."
  - To Doug Howell <> for XenoPhage cheats, secrets, and trivia.
  - To Bernd Wolffgramm <> for information and
    corrections on Wolfenstein 3D's various names.
  - To Lon Matero <> for asking questions I needed to answer.
  - To Luis Barrera <> for Stargunner's debug mode.
  - To Eric Roberts <> for pointing out the omission
    of Mortimer McMire as a Keen villain.
  - To Bernardo Rossi <> for Raptor's record game commands.
  - To Frans P. de Vries <> for the new Wolf3D/Spear FTP site.
  - To Adam Parkin <> for noticing some errors.
  - To Bill Witkowski <> for information
    about the Duke Nukem level editor.
  - To James Marble <> for Shadow Warrior information.
  - To Andrew Daughterity <> for Keen's Doom II cameo.
} - To Harvey Patterson <> for spying Major
}   Stryker v1.3, previously thought unreleased, on numerous shareware
}   compilation CDs.
  - To David B. Laprad <> for some of the Paganitzu
    and Realms of Chaos history and prompting the discovery of the rest by
    his watchful curiosity; for spotting the final incarnation of Crazy Baby.
  - To Donna Wong <> for noticing important details.
  - To Daniel Tobias <>, senior programmer/editor for
    Softdisk, for extensive information regarding the relationship between
    Apogee, id, and Softdisk.
  - To John Romero <> for adding information to and
    correcting information in the Softdisk history section.
  - To Joe Selinske <> for his side of the "I'm Free"
    saga, miscellaneous historical information, and helpful suggestions.
  - To Andy Edwardson <> for the Wacky Wheels history.
  - To Scott Miller <> for contributing to and
    proofreading the Kroz history section -- and, of course, for starting it
  - To Lee Jackson <>, composer for Apogee, for the history
    of the Apogee theme song, the Dopefish history, vocal artist credits, and
    being otherwise helpful in aiding in the development of this FAQ.
  - Last, but certainly not least, to Joe Siegler <>,
    for the endless flow of wisdom he has actively and continually emanated
    in my direction.  His efforts in promoting the accuracy and completeness
    of this FAQ are greatly appreciated.

Apologies if I missed anyone.

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