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[4.3.7] Creative directors

("Creative director" is synonymous with "producer" and "project leader.")

Note:  Scott Miller and George Broussard produced, co-produced, and/or
executive produced all Apogee games, so they are not listed explicitly below
unless they had an unusually close involvement with the project.

  Name               Games
  ----               -----
  Jason Blochowiak   XenoPhage
  George Broussard   Duke 3D: Atomic    Shadow Warrior     Duke Nukem Forever
  Tom Hall           Keen: Vorticons    Keen: Galaxy       Keen: Aliens*
                     Wolfenstein 3D     Spear of Destiny*  Rise of the Triad
                     Terminal Velocity
} Petri Jarvilehto   Max Payne          Max Payne 2
} Sam Lake           Max Payne          Max Payne 2
} Markus Maki        Max Payne 2
  Greg Malone        Duke Nukem 3D
  David Pevreal      Stargunner
} Chris Rhinehart    Prey
  Samuli Syvahuoko   Death Rally        Max Payne
} Robert Travis      Duke: Manhattan

 * - An id game.

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