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[4.1.4] Miscellaneous


From Apogee:

Product Filename Associated With... Date Released ------- -------- ------------------ ------------- } ROTT Goodies Pack (various) Rise of the Triad 02/15/05 Extreme ROTT levels erottrtl.exe Rise of the Triad 09/01/00 ROTT SW Deluxe Levels Rise of the Triad 10/21/99 * TED5 Lite Various 11/95 * TED5 Level Editor Various 11/22/95 * ROTT Levels Rise of the Triad 02/96 * ROTT Levels Rise of the Triad 07/95 RTS Maker v2.0 Rise of the Triad 04/17/96 RTS Maker Rise of the Triad 03/13/95 ROTT Specs Rise of the Triad 02/14/95

From 3D Realms:

Product Filename Associated With... Date Released ------- -------- ------------------ ------------- } Duke Nukem 3D source duke3dsource Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic 04/01/03 Shad. Warr. Snd Patch swsndfxp.exe Shadow Warrior 05/02/00 Duke PCI Sound Patch dnsndfx.exe Duke Nukem 3D 04/24/00 TV Music Files Terminal Velocity 02/21/97 Lame Duke Duke Nukem 3D 01/29/97 * TV S3 Virge Exec Terminal Velocity 01/31/97 * * - LASRROTT.ZIP consists of six levels, three regular and three comm-bat, for Rise of the Triad. The levels were originally released back in 1995 as in a special deluxe edition of the shareware game that was distributed by LaserSoft. - TED5.ZIP and TED5LITE.ZIP is the level editor used on the Keen games, Wolfenstein 3D, Rise of the Triad, and several others. It was made available for the purpose of making new Rise of the Triad levels. It is available both for free downloading and on the Extreme Rise of the Triad CD. The editor is provided "as is;" Apogee cannot offer technical support on it. Ted5 Lite contains just the editor; Ted5 comes with extra documentation, samples, and other files. - OHIORTC.ZIP is a set of four levels specially created by Apogee for a contest at a college in Ohio. - TVREG_S3.ZIP is an executable for the registered version of Terminal Velocity that is optimized for S3 Virge chipset video cards. It requires the registered version 1.2 of the game and a S3 Virge video card. It is distributed by Terminal Reality, Inc., and not by 3D Realms. - LAMEDUKE.ZIP is an early beta version of Duke Nukem 3D, released "as is," in honor of Duke3D v1.0's one year anniversary, purely for the curious amusement of the game's fans.

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