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[3.3.1] What slide shows are currently available?

Apogee no longer releases formal slide shows of their games.  Screen
shots are now regularly featured on the Apogee web site.  The files
given below are no longer on the Apogee web site, but you might still
find them lying around somewhere.


From Apogee:

Filename Gph Game -------- --- ---- VGA XenoPhage: Alien Bloodsport VGA Rise of the Triad VGA Rise of the Triad VGA Boppin VGA Wacky Wheels VGA Mystic Towers (includes Triad and Ruins shots)* VGA Hocus Pocus (includes Shadow Warrior shots)* VGA Raptor: Call of the Shadows VGA Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold VGA Duke Nukem II VGA Halloween Harry EGA Bio Menace EGA Monster Bash * - The extra included shots from "Shadow Warrior" and "Ruins: Return of the Gods" are old and not representative of the finished productions. "Ruins: Return of the Gods" was a project 3D Realms used to have under production but which was later cancelled.

From 3D Realms:

Filename Gph Game(s) -------- --- ------- VGA Duke Nukem 3D VGA Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior VGA Terminal Velocity There are five Duke3D shots in the Terminal Velocity v1.1 archive, and five different shots in the Terminal Velocity v1.2 archive. These ten plus two more are on the Terminal Velocity registered CDs. These are entirely different screen shots from the seven found in the DNSWSHOT.ZIP file, and those in the official slide show, DUKESHOW.ZIP. There are ten screenshots of Shadow Warrior on the Terminal Velocity registered CDs, which are different from the four in the DNSWSHOT.ZIP file. On the original registered Duke Nukem CD, there were 17 screenshots of Shadow Warrior, 11 screenshots of Blood (a game later sold to Monolith Productions), and 13 screenshots of Prey. Each of these screenshots featured early artwork that differ, in some cases greatly, from the final products. Newer Duke Nukem CDs have, instead, screen shots of the forthcoming Duke Nukem Forever.

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