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[3.2.3] Companies involved with each console game

 Game                              Author               Platform
 ----                              ------               --------
 Max Payne                         Rockstar Games       Xbox
 Max Payne                         Rockstar Games       Sony Playstation 2
}Max Payne 2                       Rockstar Games       Xbox
}Max Payne 2                       Rockstar Games       Sony Playstation 2
 Duke Nukem 3D                     Sega of America   *  Sega Saturn
 Duke Nukem 3D                     Tiger Electronics *  Tiger Electronics
 Duke Nukem 64                     Eurocom           *  Nintendo 64
}Duke Nukem: Advance               Torus                Nintendo Gameboy Advance
 Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy         Torus             *  Nintendo Color Gameboy
 Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes     N-Space           *  Sony Playstation
 Duke Nukem: Time To Kill          N-Space           *  Sony Playstation
 Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown        Aardvark Software *  Sony Playstation
 Duke Nukem: Zero Hour             Eurocom           *  Nintendo 64

}* - These Duke Nukem games were originally distributed by GT Interactive,
}    which was later bought out by Infogrames.  The rights to distribute the
}    Duke Nukem games were obtained by Gathering of Developers, which was
}    subsequently bought out by Take 2 Interactive, which currently
}    has the rights to distribute all the Duke Nukem games.

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