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[3.2.1] What console games are currently available?

 Name                          Genre     Platform
 ----                          -----     --------
}Max Payne 2                   3DAct     Xbox
}Max Payne 2                   3DAct     Sony Playstation 2
}Max Payne                     3DAct     Nintendo Gameboy Advance
 Max Payne                     3DAct     Xbox
 Max Payne                     3DAct     Sony Playstation 2
}Duke Nukem Mobile (Tapwave)   3DAct     Zodiac Tapwave
}Duke Nukem Mobile             3DAct     Various Cell Phones
}Duke Nukem: Advance           3DAct     Nintendo Gameboy Advance
 Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes 3DAct     Sony Playstation
 Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy     Platform  Nintendo Color Gameboy
 Duke Nukem: Zero Hour         3DAct     Nintendo 64
 Duke Nukem: Time To Kill      3DAct     Sony Playstation
 Duke Nukem 64                 3DAct     Nintendo 64                      *

 * - These games are direct ports of Duke Nukem 3D, with some added levels
     and features.
 ^ - These games are direct ports of Max Payne.

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