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[3.1.6] Companies involved with each game

Below is a list of all the games covered in this FAQ, and the various
companies involved with each.

Note that FormGen was bought out by GT Interactive, which, a few years later,
was bought out by Infogrames.  Also, Beavis Soft is now known as FastTrack

 Game                 Author               Publisher         Retail Distributor
 ----                 ------               ---------         ------------------
}Adventure Fun-Pak    Apogee               Apogee
 Alien Carnage        SubZero Software     Apogee            FormGen
 Arctic Adventure     Apogee               Apogee
 Balls of Steel       Wildfire Studios     Pinball Wizards   GT Interactive
 Beyond the Titanic   Apogee               Apogee
 Blake Stone: Aliens  JAM                  Apogee            FormGen
 Blake Stone: Strike  JAM                  Apogee            FormGen
 Bio Menace           Apogee               Apogee
 Boppin               Accursed Toys        Apogee            FormGen
 Cmdr Keen: Vorticons id Software          Apogee            FormGen
 Cmdr Keen: Galaxy    id Software          Apogee            FormGen
 Cmdr Keen: Aliens    id Software          FormGen           FormGen
 Cosmo's Adventure    Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Crystal Caves        Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Dark Ages            Apogee               Apogee
 Death Rally          Remedy Entertainment Apogee            GT Interactive
 Duke Nukem           Apogee               Apogee
 Duke Nukem II        Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Duke Nukem 3D        3D Realms            3D Realms         GT Interactive
 Duke Nukem Forever * 3D Realms            3D Realms         GT Interactive
}Duke: Manhattan      ARUSH                ARUSH             ARUSH
 Hocus Pocus          Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 The Kroz Series      Apogee               Apogee
 Major Stryker        Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Math Rescue          Apogee               Apogee
 Max Payne            Remedy Entertainment 3D Realms         Take 2 Interactive
}Max Payne 2          Remedy Entertainment 3D Realms         Take 2 Interactive
 Monster Bash         Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Monuments of Mars    Apogee               Apogee
 Mystic Towers        Animation F/X        Apogee            FormGen
 Paganitzu            Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Pharaoh's Tomb       Apogee               Apogee
}Puzzle Fun-Pak       Apogee               Apogee
 Raptor               Cygnus Studios       Apogee            FormGen
 Realms of Chaos      Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Rise of the Triad    Apogee               Apogee            FormGen
 Secret Agent         Apogee               Apogee
 Shadow Warrior       3D Realms            3D Realms         GT Interactive
 Spear of Destiny     id Software          FormGen           FormGen
 Stargunner           Apogee               Apogee            WizardWorks
 SuperNova            Apogee               Apogee
 Terminal Velocity    Terminal Reality     3D Realms         FormGen
 Wacky Wheels         Beavis Soft          Apogee            FormGen
 Wolfenstein 3D       id Software          Apogee            FormGen
 Word Rescue          Apogee               Apogee
 XenoPhage            Argo Games           Apogee            FormGen

 * - This game has not yet been released.

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