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[3.1.3] The games are too big to download! Are there "split" versions?

At one time, Apogee provided split versions of some of their larger
shareware games to make it easier to download them from the Internet.
As of July 23, 1998, these split versions were discontinued.  It is
still permissible to distribute these files, should they still exist
somewhere, but this is not the preferred means of obtaining Apogee's
shareware games.  What follows is a list of the filenames for the split
archives that used to be officially supported.  It is likely that other
gaming sites on the Internet still house them under these filenames.
Some online forums may have a '#' prepended onto the filename.


From Apogee:

Game Split Filenames ---- --------------- Stargunner Death Rally XenoPhage Realms of Chaos Rise of the Triad Wacky Wheels Raptor Blake Stone Alien Carnage

From 3D Realms:

Game Split Filenames ---- --------------- Shadow Warrior . . . Duke Nukem 3D Terminal Velocity

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