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[3.1.1] What games are currently available from Apogee?

A list of Apogee games follows. The filename given is the name of the
shareware episode as it appears on most online services.  Some online
forums may have a '#' prepended onto the filename.

The price given is the cost of the complete game with all episodes.  See
the "What combination deals does Apogee offer?" section for more information.

The "Ep" field contains the number of episodes in the complete version.
The "Ver" field contains the latest version number of the game.  "OS" is the
operating system the game was written for ("D"=DOS, "95"=Windows 95 or better,
}"98"=Windows 98 or better).  "Med" are the media that the registered version
is available on ("d"=Disk, "c"=CD, "o"=online download).  "Gph" is the best
graphics mode that the game utilizes ("T"=TEXT, "C"=CGA, "E"=EGA, "V"=VGA,
"S"=SVGA).  The "Size" field is approximate.


From Apogee:

Name Size Genre Filename Price Ep Ver OS Med Gph ---- ---- ----- -------- ----- -- --- -- --- --- Death Rally 6958k Race $10.00 N/A 1.1 D c S ` Realms of Chaos 2544k Plat $10.00 3 1.0 D c/o V ~ Rise of the Triad 3661k 3DAct $15.00 5 1.3 D o V ^~= Wacky Wheels 1664k Race $10.00 6 1.1 D c/o V Mystic Towers 1204k 3DPuz $10.00 6 1.1 D d/o V Hocus Pocus 944k Plat $10.00 4 1.1 D o V }Raptor: Call...Shadows 2018k Shoot $15.00 3 1.2 D c/o V ^ Blake Stone: Planet... N/A 3DAct [none] $10.00 1 1.01 D d/o V +^` Blake Stone: Aliens... 1506k 3DAct $10.00 6 3.0 D d/o V ^` Duke Nukem II 1117k Plat $10.00 4 1.0 D d/o V Wolfenstein 3D 729k 3DAct $15.00 6 1.4 D c/o V ` Monster Bash 1011k Plat $10.00 3 2.1 D d/o E *` Commander Keen: Galaxy 649k Plat $10.00 2 1.4 D c/o E *^ Commander Keen: Vorticons 210k Plat $10.00 3 1.31 D c/o E ^ Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 524k Plat $10.00 3 1.2 D d/o E Duke Nukem 277k Plat $10.00 3 2.0 D d/o E Crystal Caves 222k Plat $10.00 3 1.0 D d/o E Secret Agent 239k Plat $10.00 3 1.0 D d/o E Math Rescue 430k Educ $15.00 3 2.0 D c/o E Word Rescue 377k Educ $15.00 3 2.0 D c/o E Paganitzu 322k Puzzl $10.00 3 1.02 D d/o E *`

From 3D Realms:

Name Size Genre Filename Price Ep Ver OS Med Gph ---- ---- ----- -------- ----- -- --- -- --- --- }Max Payne 2 245mb 3DAct MaxPayne2DemoSetup.exe 3 1.01 98 c S `" }Duke: Manhattan... 50mb 3DPlat dnmp_demo_101.exe 1 1.01 98 c S `" }Max Payne 131mb 3DAct MaxPayneDemo1-05.exe 3 1.05 95 c S `" }Shadow Warrior 12941k 3DAct $10.00 3 1.2 D c S ~ Duke Nukem 3D 5911k 3DAct $19.95 3 1.3d D c S ~ Terminal Velocity 3955k 3DSho $15.00 3 1.2 D c/o S *=

From Pinball Wizards:

Name Size Genre Filename Price Ep Ver OS Med Gph ---- ---- ----- -------- ----- -- --- -- --- --- Balls of Steel 13695k Pinba bossw13.exe $24.95 5 1.3 95 c S ~ + - Blake Stone: Planet Strike is distributed by FormGen but written by Apogee. There is no demo or shareware version of this game. * - There is an optional CGA mode in Paganitzu. - There is a CGA version of Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy! - There is a "Monster Bash Lite" version of this game, which contains the first three levels of the shareware episode. Apogee does not distribute this version anymore, but it is still legal to pass around. If it still exists on an FTP site or BBS, its filename will probably be "" ("" in some online forums). - The shareware Terminal Velocity version 1.0 does not contain SVGA support. ^ - The full titles of the Keen games are "Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy!" and "Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons." - The shareware episode of Rise of the Triad is also known as "Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins"; the registered episodes are also known as "Rise of the Triad: Dark War." - The full title of the Blake Stone games are "Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold" and "Blake Stone: Planet Strike." Often the latter is simply referred to as "Planet Strike." - The full title of Raptor is "Raptor: Call of the Shadows." - The full title of XenoPhage is "XenoPhage: Alien Bloodsport." ` - These games contain some measure of graphic violence and may be unsuitable for young game players. ~ - While these games contain graphic violence, there are password protectable violence settings. }" - These games are not sold directly by 3D Realms, hence why there are no } prices given for them. They must be purchased through a third-party } distributor. = - The file specifications for Rise of the Triad are available as ROTSPEC1.ZIP in any official Apogee area. - RTSMaker, a RemoteRidicule sound editor for Rise of the Triad, is available as RTSMAKR2.ZIP in any official Apogee area. - There are numerous level packs for Rise of the Triad, which are described in the section on Rise of the Triad levels in the historical section of this FAQ. - An executable for the registered version of Terminal Velocity optimized for the S3 Virge chipset video cards is available as TVREG_S3.ZIP. It requires the registered version of the game and an S3 Virge video card. It is distributed by Terminal Reality, Inc., and not by 3D Realms. - The MOD music files used in Terminal Velocity are available as TVMODS.ZIP. - An early beta version of Duke Nukem 3D, released purely for the curious amusement of the game's fans, was released as LAMEDUKE.ZIP.

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