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[2.8.8] Mystic Towers

Baron Baldric, the star of Mystic Towers, originally starred in a game
called, simply, "Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure."  The game was designed
for the Amiga by professional animator Lindsay Whipp of Animation F/X.  It
was then ported to the PC.  The game was a 2D scrolling platform game and
released as shareware by Manaccom in 1993.

Afterward, Lindsay Whipp began work on a second game starring Baron Baldric,
which would later become "Mystic Towers."  The character of Baldric survived
the transition between the games almost unchanged, humorous mannerisms
intact, but the game of Mystic Towers is radically different -- it's more of
a puzzle game than an action game and has the Baron moving in three

Apogee agreed to publish Mystic Towers for Animation F/X, and it was released
on August 15, 1994.

As with Halloween Harry and Wacky Wheels, version 1.0 of Mystic Towers was
actually an incomplete version of the game released to a magazine in the UK.
The first complete, public release of Mystic Towers was version 1.1.

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