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[2.8.2] Pharaoh's Tomb and Arctic Adventure

Pharaoh's Tomb and its sequel, Arctic Adventure, chronicle the adventures of
Nevada Smith, and Indiana Jones-like character.  The games were written by
George Broussard and published under the name of his company, Micro F/X,
in 1990.  When he joined forces with Scott Miller to found Apogee, these two
games were brought along and sold by Apogee.

A later Apogee game, Paganitzu, starred Alabama Smith.  One might presume that
Alabama Smith is related to Nevada Smith, but Paganitzu author Keith Schuler
says they are not.

Pharaoh's Tomb and Arctic Adventure use what Broussard called the F.A.S.T.
engine.  A later game, Monster Bash, is also billed as using the F.A.S.T.
engine, but it's not the same engine.  The engine is completely different,
but the name was recycled.

Broussard bears the dubious honor of being the only game developer at
Apogee ever to have misspelled his own name on one of his own games.
In the title screen for Pharaoh's Tomb, he spelled his name "George Broussad."

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