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[2.8.13] Paganitzu and Realms of Chaos

About a year before Keith Schuler wrote Paganitzu for Apogee, he wrote
another game called Chagunitzu for Softdisk.  These two games were almost
identical, containing the same characters and story and so forth.  Unlike
Paganitzu, however, Chagunitzu does not adapt to the speed of your computer,
making it virtually unplayable on fast computers without a program to slow
the computer down.  (See the section on slowing down your computer in
this FAQ.)

Following his success with Apogee's Paganitzu, Schuler began a sequel
in early 1992 entitled, "Paganitzu II: The Bloodfire Pendant."  Later, it
went through a name change to "Alabama Smith and the Bloodfire Pendant."
Still later, its name became "Realms of Chaos," losing all its Paganitzu
references in the process.

Realms of Chaos was originally supposed to be a 16 color EGA game, slated
for a 1994 release, but, with the increasing popularity of VGA games, it was
decided that time should be spent converting Realms of Chaos to a 256 color
VGA game.  Finally, after three years in production, Realms of Chaos was
released by Apogee in November 1995.

Contrary to what one might think, the cancelled 3D Realms project
"Ruins: Return of the Gods" was not ever associated with Paganitzu, even in
its early days.

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