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[2.8.10] Boppin

At the time of its release, in November of 1994, the registered version of
Boppin was available in two forms:  Basic Boppin, which contained only the
first two episodes of the game including the shareware version, for $19.95;
and Super Boppin, which contained all four episodes and a level editor, for
$29.95.  Owners of Basic Boppin could upgrade to Super Boppin at additional
cost.  Apogee discontinued Basic Boppin later and only sold Super Boppin.
Then, on July 31, 2001, Boppin was discontinued entirely by Apogee at
}the request of the author.  Still later, on August 19, 2005, the author
}released the game as freeware.

The initial version of Boppin contained a disturbing, gory logo, as well as
bloody suicide sequences when you failed to solve one of the puzzles correctly.
These were put in the game by the company that made it, Accursed Toys.
However, Apogee, Boppin's distributor, found the gore to be gratuitous and out
of place and attached a message to the game disclaiming the violent aspects of
the game.  The suicide sequences could be turned off once inside the game, but
the logo could not.  Accursed Toys received enough email protesting the gore
so that, in v1.1 of Boppin, the default was to not show any of it.  A command
line parameter, "blood," now has to be given to turn it back on.

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