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[2.7.3] What's Apogee's relationship with Parallax?

Originally, the game Descent, written by Parallax and distributed by Interplay,
was to be an Apogee game.  And indeed, Parallax and Apogee worked on it
together for seven or eight months.  But due to financial issues, Apogee
cancelled it in January of 1995.  Interplay picked it up, impressed by
the working demo Parallax then had after its association with Apogee, and
the rest is history.

Part of the deal Apogee made with Interplay when the Descent rights were
sold was that Apogee would get a cut of Parallax's next new game.  Descent II
didn't qualify for that, but Descent: Freespace did.  Initially, the plan
was for 3D Realms to release the shareware version of Descent: Freespace and
sell the registered version exclusively for three months, at which point
Interplay would start selling it too.  However, in late April 1998, Interplay
bought the full rights to the game.  Apogee no longer has anything to do
with Descent: Freespace or any of the other Descent games.

In the credits for Descent, there is a thank you note to "Scott Miller and
Apogee Software."  Apogee's Joe Siegler asked Descent's project leader, Mike
Kulas, about this credit.  Mike's response is given below:

          Hi Joe,

          We put Scott and Apogee in there because we truly appreciate
          all that Apogee did for us.  Scott showed a lot of faith in
          us when we didn't really have anything to show anybody.  If
          not for Scott, I don't think we would be anywhere near where
          we are today.

          You can tell people exactly this, if you like.


Mike is also quoted in PC Gamer, Vol. 2, No. 4, as saying, "They're really a
great bunch of guys, and they were a big help on Descent."  Matt Toschlog,
also a key member of the Descent team, is also quoted: "Without them [Apogee],
I don't know how we would have gotten started."

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