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[2.5] Cancelled Projects

Frequently, projects that get started never get finished.  This can happen for
a number of reasons.  Legal problems is one common cause; slow progress and
little promise is another.  What follows is a list of projects that, for one
reason or another, never saw the light of day.  Dates are approximations of
the time each game spent under development at Apogee.

Please do not contact Apogee for information about these games.  Little or no
information remains about what was done, and in some cases, Apogee doesn't
even have copies of them anymore in their archives.


From Apogee:

Game Genre Date Comments/Reason For Cancellation ---- ----- ---- -------------------------------- }Duke Nukem: Endangered Hunting 2002 Apogee didn't think the game was } Species Hunter progressing well. Later came } out as "Vivisector," which bore } little resemblance to Endangered } Species Hunter. Duke Nukem Forever Platform 1996-7 Title reused for a 3D game. Note that Duke: Manhattan Project is NOT this old game resurrected. Cyril Cyberpunk Platform 1996 Later released by Reality Studios. Working title at Apogee: "Cyberpunk Kid." Ravager Platform 1995-6 Sold to Inner Circle Creations, who named it "Alien Rampage." Pitfall (PC version) Platform 1995-6 Activision, who did the original game, came to Apogee about it, but Apogee couldn't get the creative control they wanted. Crystal Carnage Combat 1994-5 Fumes Racing 1994-5 Crazy Baby Platform 1994-5 Later released by New Generation Software as "Clif Danger." Monster Bash VGA Platform 1994-5 Not enough time to finish it. } Was going to feature all-new } levels. Descent 3D Action 1994 Financial issues. Interplay later became the distributor. Violent Vengeance Fighting 1994 AKA "Sango Fighter;" released later by Panda Entertainment under this title. Tom, Dick, and Harry Platform 1993-4 Megaloman Platform 1993-4 Jim Dose, lead programmer got tied up doing other projects. Wards of Wandaal The Second Sword RPG 1992-3 Cygnus Studios, which later did Raptor. Angels Five Platform 1992-3 VGA, multiple characters. }Nuclear Nightmare Platform 1992-3 Would have been Apogee's first } (and only) Windows 3.1 game. BoulderDash 5000 Puzzle 1992-3 Tubes Puzzle 1992-3 Later released by Software Creations. Cybertank 3D 3D Action 1992-3 Frank Maddin's tank game using a Wolf3D clone engine; art by Amanda Dee. Fantasy 3D 3D Action 1992-3 Peter Jungck's Wolf3D clone. Commander Keen: The Platform 1992 Never started. Universe Is Toast Gateworld 1991-2 Poor quality; later released by HomeBrew Software. Dino Days 1990-1 Never started. The Underground Puzzle 1990-1 Empire of Kroz

From 3D Realms:

Game Genre Date Comments/Reason For Cancellation ---- ----- ---- -------------------------------- Descent: Freespace 3D Action 1998 Non-exclusive rights sold to Interplay. Blood 3D Action 1994-7 Sold to Monolith Productions. Ruins: Return of the 3D Action 1994-5 Sold to Playmates Interactive and } Gods retitled "Exhumed," then } retitled "PowerSlave." } From Other Companies: }Game Genre Date Comments/Reason For Cancellation }---- ----- ---- -------------------------------- }Duke Nukem: D-Day 3D Action 99-03 PS2 game. Cancelled due to lack } of sufficient progress.

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