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[2.4] Working Titles of Apogee Games

Sometimes, over the course of a game's development, the game's title can
change, once, twice, or more.  Here is a list of some of Apogee's games with
their former titles.  Where more than one former title is present, they are
listed in chronological order.


From Apogee:

Official Title Working Title -------------- ------------- Death Rally Hi-Speed XenoPhage: Alien Bloodsport Arena Realms of Chaos Paganitzu II / Alabama Smith and the Bloodfire Pendant Rise of the Triad Wolfenstein 3D: Part II Raptor: Call of the Shadows Mercenary 2029 Bio Menace Bio Hazard Monster Bash Graveyard Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure The Adventures of Zonk }Major Stryker Strike Force

From 3D Realms:

Official Title Working Title -------------- ------------- Max Payne Dark Justice & Max Heat Shadow Warrior Ninja Master Terminal Velocity Velocity Brawl Sometimes games start out as Apogee games (or at least intended to be Apogee games) but end up being distributed by another company. Frequently, these, too, undergo title changes before, during, or after the move from Apogee. These games, with their working titles, are given below. Official Title Working Title Company -------------- ------------- ------- Blood Horror 3D Monolith Studios Alien Rampage Ravager Inner Circle Creations Cyril Cyberpunk Cyberpunk Kid Reality Studios PowerSlave Ruins: Return of the Gods Playmates Interactive * Clif Danger Crazy Baby New Generation Descent Inferno Interplay Sango Fighter Violent Vengeance Panda Entertainment * Doom It's Green & Pissed id Software * - PowerSlave was titled "Exhumed" in the United Kingdom. - Sango Fighter had already been released; Apogee was merely going to be its U.S. distributor, marketing the game under the title "Violent Vengeance." This did not pan out. The game was later released in the U.S. by Panda Entertainment under the original "Sango Fighter" title.

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      [2.4.1] Alternate titles for Wolfenstein 3D


      [2.4.1] Alternate titles for Wolfenstein 3D

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