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Adventure Games Live The Game of the Ages


If you're stuck in The Game of the Ages, this hints page may help. You won't find explicit answers here (nor will the authors or webmaster give them out by email), but you will get some tips that will push you in the right direction.

Before you consult the game-specific hints, make sure you have considered these general tips:

The hints below are listed in the order you need them in the game; read them in order and stop after you encounter something you have not yet done. The game will be more rewarding to complete if you consult this page as little as possible.

If all else fails, you can post to the Hints Board on the RinkWorks Message Forum. Be careful not to spoil the game for anyone. Be sure to supply your username in your post (but not your password) and any information you can supply that would indicate where you are in the game yet spoil the game for others as little as possible.